Daniel Dahlström

ConTech Meetup

Join Daniel Dahlström at #1 ConTech – Beer & Pizza Night

14 oktober, 2018 Stockholm

This is our first meetup of many.

First of we wanted to discuss one of the hottest issues in the industry right now.
The unbroken information flow in a broken value chain.

Join us and listen to a short speech in the evening’s subject. Afterwards we mingle, create contact and find solutions to the really big questions. Everything while we’re eating heavenly pizza and drinking craftbeer from a local microbrewery.

Additional information about program will be updated as soon as this is nailed.

Speakers update:

First out – Mikael Törnkvist from The Swedish Transport Administration, is giving a speech about the information flow and information delivery requirements from a property manager’s perspective.
(In Swedish)

Second up – Daniel Dahlström from Swedish Building Information Services, is giving a speech about information as the new commodity.
(In Swedish but will do a try in English if requested)

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