ConTech Meetup

Join Daniel Dahlström at #1 ConTech – Beer & Pizza Night

This is our first meetup of many.

First of we wanted to discuss one of the hottest issues in the industry right now.
The unbroken information flow in a broken value chain.

Join us and listen to a short speech in the evening’s subject. Afterwards we mingle, create contact and find solutions to the really big questions. Everything while we’re eating heavenly pizza and drinking craftbeer from a local microbrewery.

Additional information about program will be updated as soon as this is nailed.

Speakers update:

First out – Mikael Törnkvist from The Swedish Transport Administration, is giving a speech about the information flow and information delivery requirements from a property manager’s perspective.
(In Swedish)

Second up – Daniel Dahlström from Swedish Building Information Services, is giving a speech about information as the new commodity.
(In Swedish but will do a try in English if requested)